Through Clear Air, April 1-30

At the Cornerstone Cafe, 1301 Gladstone Avenue.

Final Hang List:
  • Corner of a Sunset 7 X 16”; 1996; $250.00
  • Hay and Sky 15½ X 17½”; 1997; $495.00
  • Cattle Country—Wolf Ranch 11 X 13½”; 1997; $375.00
  • Broken Tree, Botany Bay 14 X 18”; 2006; SOLD
  • Christ Church Cathedral 18 X 24”; 2007; $550.00
  • Evening, Gonzales Bay 18 X 24”; 2007; $550.00
  • Evening, Willows Beach 14 x 18”; 2007; $425.00
  • Dark Shore Tonquin Beach 14 X 18”; 2007; $425.00
  • Freighter 14 X 18” 2007; $425.00
  • Squally Weather, Harrison Lake 11 X 14”; 2007; $350.00
  • Bend in the Road, Douglas Lake 18 X 24”; 2008; $550.00 SOLD


Big Pine, Douglas Lake

"Big Pine, Douglas Lake" 18 X 24"

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that I have actually been able to get some painting done, even with all the stupid busy-ness around the dayjob, going to openings, trying to start training, being tired, and dating some nice women and stuff.

Hey, let's not forget to paint, now.

So here's the latest. Also from the same bike-blast out to the Nicola region I did ten years ago. This is just up the road from "Bend in the Road, Douglas Lake". I seriously doubt that this tree is still standing, and if it is, it will be dead as a doornail, because of the mountain pine beetle epidemic. Sad to think that my beautiful art is archival, documenting a dying planet. I never wanted it this way.....

I'll post a full compositional breakdown, self-absorbed technical bullshit blurb up here when I get back from the Conference next week. But for now, enjoy the pic. I have something important to do with the last few hours of my weekend--paint!

Be Blessed, All,