At Last - Water Colours!

"Bill and Joanne's Place" I met them--Bill is an artist--and they gave me a tour. This house was actually ordered as a kit from Sears Roebuck in about 1918. One of my best pictures, period!

"Group of Oaks, Ryan St." One block from here. The trick with water colour is to not put on too much. This one gives the feeling of glaring sunlight. Kinda fauvist.

"House with Red Door, Fernwood" The door and the yellow cedar in front are particularly satisfying bits. I may touch this one up a bit--but not finish it more than it is.

"Peppers and Tomato" Love the loose touches that create the impression of tight form. Nice, eh? I'm really happy with this one.

All small water colours are $180.00, which includes a custom frame. $120 if you just want the artwork as-is.

Some New Drawings

"Arbutus" Done in the woods behind UVic. Minimalist and abstract.

"Can of Asters" Because the can's bottom is busted, it is leaning toward the window a bit. I was getting all cubist on the stemmy bits, which is cool. Drawn while sitting in Collective Works Gallery.

"Espresso Machine" Delightfully abstract little study, done in a Cafe across from the Vancouver Art Gallery.

"Mike Reading" My tall blond Dutch cousin Mike, I dig his gaunt cheeks and Jesus Christ Superstar haircut. Sketched on the Ferry to Tswassen on the way to Vanhangover for the weekend. thanks to Mike and Simmi for putting me up for the night.

"Mt. Doug seen from Mt. Tolmie" A bit heavier treatment than what I am used to, but a good sketch.

All small drawings are $125 framed. If you want them as-is, it's $65.00.

Or make me a good offer.